Christmas Crisis

Christmas Crisis 1.4

Take a lead in this adventure and help save the Christmas time

Christmas Crisis is a free and fun game. It has been enhanced lately by fixing some bugs. In the game, it is Christmas time, and everyone is looking forward to opentheir presents, but this will not be the case. Unfortunately, Santa Claus has fallen ill and will not recover his good health in time to deliver his presents around the city. We should take control and do his job with the help of the elves. The objective of this game is quite simple but not an easy one, we will have to deliver one box to each house in the less possible time. Meanwhile, we should keep our eyes wide opened as we will have to face multiple obstacles (airplanes, helicopters, etc.) that will try to stop our mission. We should use the keyboard arrows keys to fly around and the space bar or mouse to drop the present box. From the level Editor, we can save/load/clear level, remove/add line, edit enemies, delete level, go to the previous or next level, and add levels. We are allowed to add/remove enemies and give each of them its own customized speed (ten types are available). It is possible to enable/disable music/sound effects, use military-style drop zone, enable Smart Crash Report support (for Mac OS X), and specifie the present goal (very easy, average, hard).

Review summary


  • Both for Mac and Windows
  • Free
  • Many customizable options


  • None
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